HDR photos



Took these picture with a cool feature called Pixel shift Multi shooting in my

Sony A 7 r iii camera. When you use this feature, you have to put your camera on a tripod and with your long exposure setting, turn on the Pixel shift Multi shooting feature inside the camera menu. When you click the shutter release the camera takes 4 pictures. Make sure to wait for the camera to finish the action you have started.
Settings: shutter speed at 30 sec , iso 640, f22. Since this mode takes 4 shots, it took my camera about 2 mins to complete taking a picture. The result is amazing, high definition picture. Used Sony’s imaging software to stitch the picture and processed it in Photoshop elements15 and Lumiar 2018.

Brooklyn Bridge-2

These are shoots of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, with the New York City Skyline behind.

Black and White

I have always wanted to try my hand with Black and White until a few days ago. I am so happy with the outcome. I participate I GuruShots and was looking at a challenge called Negative space. That challenge influenced me in thinking out of the box. And that is how this picture came into existence. I will share color picture in another post.

This picture of staircase I took at the Philadelphia convention center when I attended The Philadelphia Flower show

This picture was taken at the Philadelphia flower show


As I was processing pictures I took from my Mexico Trip. I found some very interesting pictures which I wanted to share


This picture is the reflection of 2018. I took this picture at the Monument to Revolution in Mexico City.


This picture I took in the city of Guanajuato in Mexico. To see more pictures from my Mexico City trip click this link https://www.sugunaganeshan.com/Gallery/Travel/Mexico/


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Lens Artists photo challenge- Splash


I took this picture in Hawaii, Big Island Beach. The sunset was so beautiful and colorful. It was a last minute decision to get to the beach, which I am ever grateful to my son. This was like the day before we were supposed to leave from Hawaii back home.

Landscape photography, Travel photography, Macro photography

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